Chas Movers

Terms Of Use

LENGTH OF MOVE – all online estimates are approximate, and not guaranteed. We base them on our aggregate experience serving the similar households. Every move is unique in nature, and therefore we do not provide flat-rate estimates. Factors such as presence of stairs or elevators, distance from the residence to the truck parking area, driving time, etc. affect the service time.

SERVICE MINIMUMS – must be met in order to reserve a move. We reserve local jobs with 3 hours minimum requirement on most sub-peak days. 4 Hours are required on Saturday mornings, certain remote cities, and certain peak-days.

DOUBLE DRIVING TIME – licensed and insured moving companies in State of California charge double driving time between pick-up and drop-off locations. It is a fee regulated by California Public Utilities Commission. For more information you may read Maximum Rate Tariff (Item 36, page 9), which outlines regulations for licensed moving companies in State of California. It is available for viewing on CPUC website free of charge.

PAYMENT METHOD – We accept cash or credit/debit cards. We do not accept personal, business, or cashier’s checks. Hourly rate continues until we are paid in full, so being ready will save you money. The client or a significant other must be present during the move and final inspection. The primary card holder must be present to sign the receipt on the credit card slip.

RUSHING AND HOVERING – At Chas Movers, we want our crews to work at a comfortable pace. If they ever feel rushed, we’ll pause operations until they feel at ease again. Our teams always put in their best effort to get the job done efficiently, but we’ll never compromise the safety of your belongings or our hardworking employees.

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES – We are not an appliance service company. We can reconnect and disconnect appliances, but we do not provide or carry liability coverage for re-connection of water and gas lines, pipes, and faucets. In the event when customers insist on re-connection of such lines, it is customers’ responsibility to ensure that lines of washers, dryers, refrigerators and faucets are connected properly to avoid accidents. Additionally, we do not cover any mechanical derangement of appliances while transporting, unless external physical damage is caused by our movers.

PACKING SERVICES – Our movers will pack all items that are not being packed by the owner if desired. Plastic wrap and tape are always free, but materials such as boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap are optional to purchase.

PARKING TICKETS – parking to be arranged by the customer. Tickets accrued due to the absence of parking permits and lack of adequate parking are to be paid by the customer.

WALLS and HARDWOOD FLOORS – Our movers will move heavy and bulky items such as Gun Safes, Appliances, Refrigerators and pianos, as long as it can be performed safely. Additionally, we are frequently asked to move oversize furniture in narrow and tight hallways. Unfortunately, damage may result to floor and wall surfaces. If you wish to take this risk Moving Company will not be responsible for damage.

PLANTS – Our movers can move home and garden potted plants. We will protect and guard them to best of our abilities, however due to their fragile nature we cannot guarantee their intact arrival. Please note that heavy and bulky potted plants are subject to “heavy item fee”.

EXTRA CHARGES – Applicable charges are for: packing materials such regular boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap (except for tape and plastic wrap), heavy and bulky items such as, pianos, gun safes, etc., overnight and in-transit storage, double the driving time, and tolls.

TV MOUNTS – We can remove your wall mounted TVs, mirrors, and artwork, but cannot mount them at the new location. Please consider hiring licensed building contractor or a handymen for such projects.

FLAT TVs – We will apply maximum safety precautions while transporting your LED and LCD TVs, however require testing the TVs before and after the move. Please allow few minutes of your moving time to inspect and test the TVs prior to movers departure.

CPUC BOOKLET – I acknowledge that I will familiarize myself with “Important information for Persons Moving Household Goods” booklet. This informational booklet is prepared by CPUC for customers to explain the details of moving process and your consumer rights in the State of California.